Westmount among the top places to live in Quebec

On August 8, Maclean’s Magazine published a list of the country’s best communities for 2019. Westmount ranked third (3rd) among the 103 Quebec communities on the list.

The article praised Westmount for having the highest level of community engagement in the country.

“If culture and community are important to you, our ranking suggests that you can’t do better than Westmount,” (Claire Brownell, MacLean’s, Aug. 8, 2019)

The magazine gathered data on 415 communities across Canada, comparing them in several categories, including wealth and economy, affordability, population growth, taxes, crime, weather, accessible health care, amenities and culture. Walk-ability, public transit and bicycle paths were also important criteria for the ranking.

Westmount’s strong points were in the categories of culture, commute and health care.

“This recognition encourages us to continue to offer better services to our community. I would like to thank our dedicated and hardworking City employees who are committed to serving our citizens.” declared Mayor Christina M. Smith

The vast majority of Quebec communities are in the lower half of the Canadian ranking due to taxation and unemployment rate, as well as weather conditions in the province. Westmount, however, is in the top third of 415 Canadian communities included in the survey.

The article recognizes that life in Quebec also offers many advantages, such as “short health care waiting times, affordable childcare and a thriving cultural scene”.

While Maclean’s acknowledges that “many intangible things that determine the quality of life can’t be quantified and measured,” it does explain at length how it used data gathered from a number of sources, including Statistics Canada, Environics Analytics, Revenue Canada, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Environment Canada, and others.

Click here to have more information on the Maclean’s ranking methodology.