Landscaping and exterior

Required documents for review:
Mandatory documents are marked by an asterisk (*)

  • *A letter describing the scope of the proposed work;
  • *A letter from the building owner authorizing the permit application, if the request is made by a third party;
  • *A letter from the association of co-owners authorizing the proposed modification;
  • *A copy of a recent certificate of location, showing the current conditions of the property;
  • *Clear and coulor photographs of the existing conditions and of samples of all proposed materials;
  • *A complete set of drawings illustrating the existing and proposed conditions, scaled and dimensioned, folded to a 8,5” x 14” format, showing the planted areas, walkways and parking area;
  • *A site plan indicating the applicable setbacks, property lines, percentage of hard surface versus vegetated areas;
  • *Specifications of plants and exterior materials;
  • *A storm water management strategy demonstrating that the post-construction run-off does not exceed pre-construction levels;
  • An official cost estimate, excluding taxes, provided by a general contractor.

Should the proposed project consist of topographical changes that impact neighbouring properties, additional section drawings through the property lines and neighbouring properties could be required !

The additional documents listed below are required, for existing and proposed conditions, according to the type of interventions planned.

Retaining walls:

  • *Clear and colour photographs from the wall showing the existing conditions and context;
  • *A scaled and dimensioned site plan showing setbacks, property lines and location of the retaining wall;
  • *A detailed section of the wall structure, sealed and signed by an engineer, if the wall exceeds 3′-0” in height or is not a dry stone assembly;
  • *Clear and coulor photographs of samples or specifications for proposed materials;
  • * A scaled section illustrating the topography of the existing and proposed conditions including the height of the walls.

Fences and hedges:

  • *Clear and coulor photographs of the existing fence(s) or hedge(s) or other existing conditions;
  • *A site plan, scaled and dimensioned, indicating the property lines and the relative location of the fence(s) and/or hedge(s);
  • *Detailed elevation of the fence showing dimensions, materials and opacity ratio.


  • *Site plans showing the existing and proposed conditions, dimensioned and scaled, indicating setbacks, property lines, location of mechanical equipment including their distance from property lines, hedges and fences, as well as the calculations detailing the percentage of hard surface versus vegetated areas of the rear yard and the detailed site coverage calculations;
  • *A section through the pool showing depth and structure;
  • *Illustrated specifications of mechanical units, including noise level in decibels (dB).

Mechanical units (heat pump, spa, air conditioning unit, emergency generator):

  • *A copy of a recent certificate of location, showing the current conditions of the property, showing the relative location of the mechanical unit(s) to the property lines;
  • *Illustrated specifications of mechanical units, including dimensions and source noise level in decibels (dB);
  • Scaled and dimensioned drawings of the visual screen, where appropriate.

This list is a summary. Please note that additional documents or information may be required in order to provide a better understanding of the project and contribute to the request process. (By-Law #1300, article 65, point 14o)

Once you have gathered all the information you can open your file at the Urban Planning Counter in City Hall or open an online application.

  • The fee for the document analysis is 55$; the cost of the permit is separate.
  • The cost of the permit is calculated from the cost of work.
  • All files must be analyzed by the Urban Planning Department before they are referred to the Planning Advisory Committee and City Council.
  • The applicant will receive a follow-up via email.
  • Your permit will be issued at City hall or sent by email.

Information you need to bring:

  • A detailed construction cost, excluding taxes, as provided by the general contractor (tariffs By-law).
  • All other documentation requested that needs to be deposited prior to the issuance of a permit (ex. RBQ form, a site management document, asbestos report, sidewalk deposit, …).

Applies to all exterior changes to a building or property.

Need help with applying for a permit online? Here is a step-by-step guide