January 24, 2017: Road operations

The road conditions in Westmount are very difficult today. We initially expected a considerable snowfall, but we are now in a situation where we have a mixture of freezing rain and some hail. The forecasts keep changing and we are now expecting a limited snowfall and considerable freezing rain.

We have mobilized staff and machinery to spread abrasives throughout our road and sidewalk network.

Please slow down considerably and limit your trips for today.

[wcp_weather id=”wcp_openweather_588765867cd09″ city=”westmount, ca” city_data=”” tempUnit=”c” windSpeedUnit=”ms” pressureUnit=”mmHg” template=”default” showCurrentWeather=”on” background_image=”” text_color=”#FFFFFF” background_color=”#093d72″ background_opacity=”40″ showForecastWeather=””]