Is your swimming pool secured?

With hot weather on the way, we remind you to check the safety of your residential pool. Simple measures, such as installing an enclosure equipped with a safety door, allow you to control access to your pool and prevent drowning.

Pool safety is especially important for children:

  • Always supervise kids around the pool.
  • Remove distractions, such a cellphones, when supervising swimmers.
  • Remove toys from the pool when it is not in use so children are not tempted to retrieve them.

In Quebec, the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulation applies to all residential swimming pools that can hold 60 cm of water or more, whether they are above ground, inground or even removable. This regulation follows the recommendation made by several coroners in recent years and now applies to all pools, regardless of their installation date.

Resources and tools for pool owners are available (in French only) to help you ensure your installation meets current standards. Swim safely this summer!