Incredible Edibles 2023: harvest period from now until October 5

For several years, the City of Westmount has included edible plants in some of its ornamental flower beds. This year’s selection is now ready for harvest and we invite residents to pick some anytime between now and early October.

After October 5, weather permitting, the City will harvest all of the remaining vegetables and bring them to the Westmount Park Wild Church. The vegetables will be distributed within the community according to need.

The vegetables are located in the following flower beds:

  • Westmount Park, WRC roof (mixed vegetables)
  • Murray Hill, at Douglas and at Grenville (Bulls Blood beets)
  • King George Park at Belmont Cr.: (Bulls Blood beets)
  • Côte-Saint-Antoine Rd., next to City Hall (‘Bright Lights’ Swiss chard)
  • Barrat-Vignal island (Tuscany kale)

For more information, visit the Incredible Edibles page.