The Imagine Westmount 2040 project aims to conduct a complete revision of the Urban Master Plan and it concerns all residents! The project represents the perfect opportunity to collectively reflect on the future of Westmount.

A Master Plan?

The Urban Master Plan is a very important planning tool that will guide the development of Westmount for the next 20 years in terms of housing, economy and commerce, transportation, accessibility, environmental protection, heritage preservation, etc. It answers the following questions:

Where are we now? – Diagnosis of the territory
Where do we want to go? – The Vision
How do we get there? – The Action Plan

The current Master Plan dates back to 2001 and needs to be modernized. Its content and

form have aged, which explains why it is rarely used. Since its adoption almost 20 years ago, new issues and challenges that impact the city’s approach to development have come to light, including the climate emergency, an aging population, the impact of e-commerce on commercial streets, new modes of transportation, etc.

Citizen participation

To build such a planning document, the City of Westmount proposes a comprehensive two-year public consultation process in which citizen participation will be the key component in shaping the City’s future. The City has retained the help of Transfert, Environnement et Société to help build and manage the public process.

On January 29, several journalists and over a hundred residents attended the launch of IMAGINE WESTMOUNT 2040. The Public Session Report is available here.

Upcoming event

Stay tuned via the City’s citizen participation platform.