Gallery at Victoria Hall | Call for proposals

Selection process

Admissible proposals are evaluated by the Gallery Selection Committee. A visit to the artist’s studio may be requested during the evaluation period. Selected artists will be offered a place in a solo, duo, trio exhibition, or in the yearly group exhibition at the discretion of the Committee. Please note that no evaluation of the artwork will be provided. The Committee is mindful of presenting a variety of artistic practices for a given year. The Gallery Selection Committee’s decisions are final.

Admissibility criteria

  • The applicant must be a Westmount resident
  • The applicant must not have been part of a solo, duo, trio exhibition at the Art Gallery in the previous 5 years. This criteria does not apply to participants in the summer group exhibition.
  • Feasibility and autonomy for the Gallery space and the equipment available

Your form must include:

  • 10 high resolution images of recent works
  • A descriptive list including the titles and details for each of the submitted works
  • A brief curriculum vitae
  • An artist’s statement

Proposal form