Flushing in the water supply network

Westmount’s Public Works Department will be carrying out directional flushing to clean the City’s water distribution pipes.

The sections of the network that will be flushed as of September 15 are located under the following streets: Summit Circle, Belvedere Road, Surrey Gardens, Oakland Avenue, Roxborough Avenue, Gordon Crescent, a portion of Shorncliffe Avenue, a portion of Devon Avenue. Flushing operations will take place by section, between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

These operations may result in short interruptions (5 to 20 min) of the water service in the sections where the operations are taking place. Residents in these sections may also notice a slight discoloration of the water and a lower pressure. This is due to the flushing process and the particles that it generates. Please note that the water remains safe to drink.

Directional flushing uses the force of the water to remove silt, sand and other natural build-up inside water mains. Flowing at an optimal speed, the water picks up free particles and expels them through a fire hydrant. The flushing process will last until the pipes are clean.

Thank you for your cooperation.