Facility guest passes

Guest passes may be purchased online for access to the indoor skating rinks, outdoor pool and tennis courts.  Guest passes must be purchased prior to making a reservation for the skating rinks or morning lap swim.  Online purchases made outside of office hours will only be treated the next business day.

Payment for entry to the pool for general swim can be made at the pool desk (debit or credit only), no pre-purchase of a guest pass is necessary.

Guest passes for tennis must be placed on the reservation board at the court. Pool and rink guest passes must be presented at the front desk. Receipts for the purchase of a guest pass will not be accepted.

Guest passes are for a single use only, do not have an expiry date and are non-refundable.

Guest Cards may be purchased by a resident with a Facility Membership Card for their guests. This card gives the holder 12 entries to the pool or skating rink for guests for $50 (not valid for the tennis courts). The Facility Membership Card holder must be present for the Guest Card to be valid. To purchase a card, please contact the Sports and Recreation office at recreation@westmount.org or 514 989-5353.

Single-use Guest Passes:

Arena (general hockey), pool or hard-surface tennis courts: $8
Arena (general skating): $5
Clay tennis court – Must be purchased by a member: $10

All taxes included