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The Case of the Hidden Diamonds

100 years ago, Mary Solace Saxe hid a stash of diamonds in a book with a false cover! The librarians at the Westmount Public Library need your help to solve her clues to find them!

Interactive Walks are games designed to give players the opportunity to have fun outdoors while respecting the rules of social distancing. From the start location, use your smartphone to read the story and solve the riddles based on what you see around you. Follow the clues to different locations around Westmount and see your city in a whole new light!

For older kids, families, and the young at heart!

Starting point: the corner of Greene Avenue and de Maisonneuve Boulevard. The endpoint is Prince Albert Square, roughly 2.5 km to the west.

Solve in English
Résoudre en français

Created by Sarah Lolley, NDG Interactive Walks and Mailbox Missions –

Information: or 514 989-5226