REMINDER: No recycling service on December 25 and January 1. Postponed to Friday, December 27 and Friday, January 3.

The City of Westmount currently diverts about 50% of waste from landfill and our objective is to divert 85% by 2030. Your efforts will help us achieve this.

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Starting March 18, 2019, the municipal yard will be closed due to work by the MTQ on the Turcot interchange. During the closure, clean plastic, metal and glass containers can be recycled at Montreal’s ecocentres.

Recycling collection is carried out on Wednesdays for all households in Westmount. Residents can use a blue recycling box or blue, plastic recycling bags for the collection. Recyclable material in any other type of container will not be collected.

Blue boxes must be placed directly behind (but not on) the sidewalk for the weekly collection. Boxes may be set out after 8 p.m. Tuesday evening but before 8 a.m. Wednesday morning. Please make sure it is clearly visible from the street.

Residents in apartment buildings may put their materials in the identified bins at any time. Westmount offers convenient, reusable blue bags to store materials and carry them to the recycling bins.

As with garbage, leaving recyclable materials at the street other than on the times specified contravenes the City’s sanitation by-law. Fines begin at $141.00.

Materials accepted for recycling

While most materials can be recycled, there are some important exceptions. If you include non-recyclable items in your blue box, you risk contaminating the contents of the whole truck. Unsure if your item is recyclable in Westmount’s blue box programme? Please call Public Works. Our staff will be glad to help you.

Preparation of recyclable materials for collection

The quality of the materials counts. Please make sure that:

  • Containers have been rinsed to remove food and grease.
  • Recycling materials are placed securely in your blue box. Materials piled high in the box often spill over and cause litter in the surrounding area. Remember that materials that get blown away will usually end up in the garbage instead of being recycled.
  • When preparing your blue box please remember to flatten empty containers, such as milk and juice cartons and plastic bottles. All cardboard boxes from cereal, crackers, laundry detergent and tissues should be flattened. Flattening empty boxes and containers will give you more space in you blue box and lessen the chance of spill over.
  • Excess materials are clean, and placed securely in a plastic or paper bag next to your blue box.

Obtain a blue box or a blue bag

If you live in a house and do not have a blue box, or you need a replacement blue box, pick one up at the Westmount Recreation Centre Building, 4675 St. Catherine Street West, during regular business hours. A proof of residence is required.

For apartment dwellers, Westmount offers convenient blue bags to help carry materials to your recycling bins.

Blue bags can be obtained at City Hall’s Customer Service Centre (4333 Sherbrooke Street West)or at the Westmount Recreation Centre Building (4675 St. Catherine Street West) during regular working hours. A proof of residence is required

What happens to the materials after the collection ?

  • Paper: Recycled paper is used for telephone directories, egg cartons and newspaper.
  • Cardboard: Recycled cardboard is used to produce cardboard, as well as paper towels and tissues.
  • Metal: Recycled metal is used in tins, plates and aluminum paper.
  • Glass: Recycled glass is used for bottles, jars and mineral wool.
  • Plastic: Recycled plastic is used for recycling bins, flower pots, carpets and park benches.

Commercial sector

The City of Westmount offers a weekly door to door collection of cardboard and paper for small to medium size businesses, located in the commercial sectors of Greene Ave., Ste. Catherine, Victoria and Sherbrooke Street West.

Collection is every Tuesday starting at 10 a.m. Properly prepared material is collected directly from the place of business via the lane or curbside for those who do not have access to the public lane.

Materials collected

Only cardboard and paper are collected for recycling through this program.

  • All items must be clean and free of food residue
  • All cardboard boxes must be flattened and bundled together or neatly placed in another cardboard box
  • Paper must be in a plastic recycling bag
  • DO NOT include Styrofoam, plastic film or bubble wrap in the recycling; these items will not be collected

Points to remember

  • Starting March 18, 2019, the municipal yard will be closed due to work by the MTQ on the Turcot interchange. During the closure, clean plastic, metal and glass containers can be recycled at Montreal’s ecocentres.
  • If you miss the collection on your street, you can bring your materials to Montreal’s ecocentres. Ecocentres near Westmount are: Écocentre Côtes-des-Neiges, 6925 Côtes-des-Neiges and Écocentre LaSalle, 722 Saint-Patrick Street.
  • To obtain a new recycle bin or replace a broken one, please call Public Works office at 514-989-5311.

Register to participate

The program is free of charge but businesses must register with the Public Works office to participate. You may register by contacting Public Works at 514-989-5311 during regular business hours.


Recycling is an important gesture for the environment, but it still requires energy and causes pollution; you can do even more by reducing and reusing where possible. Buy in bulk to avoid packaging, choose quality, long-lasting items, and avoid disposables. You’re doing yourself a favour.