Garden waste

Westmount is committed to reducing the amount of material it sends to landfill. Garden waste disposal is an important component of waste diversion. Some garden waste can be mulched to be used as a rich organic fertilizer. Grass clippings and leaves can be left on your lawn and mowed over to return vital nutrients and water to your grass, which promotes a lusher, greener lawn.

If neither mulching nor composting is a viable option for your household, you can dispose of garden waste through the Garden Waste collection.

From April to November all garden waste will be collected by City crews. Make sure it is placed curbside.

Accepted garden waste:

  • Residue from the spring garden clean-up and other landscaping activity
  • Residue from de-thatching your lawn
  • Residue from your vegetable garden or fruit trees
  • Small branches up to 2.5 cm diameter, not exceeding 1 meter in length; ensure they are bundled and tied with natural twine ( no plastic cords)
  • Weeds and grass trimmings

Please follow the guidelines below for the collection:

  • Use ONLY PAPER YARD WASTE BAGS to dispose of garden waste. (These bags are available at local hardware, grocery or similar stores.) Waste in any other type of bag WILL NOT BE collected for composting.
  • Garden waste can also be placed loose in an open rigid plastic or metal container. Leave the top off the containers so that collection crews can see the contents. Containers must not exceed 20 kg in weight.

Closure of Public Works Yard:

  • Starting March 18, 2019, the municipal yard will be closed due to work by the MTQ on the Turcot interchange. During that period, please bring your garden waste to one of Montreal’s ecocentres.
  • This closure also applies to private contractors (landscapers, etc.). They are responsible for disposing of branch residues when performing pruning work.


  • The use of a leaf blower is permitted from April 1st to May 1st and from October 1st to December 1st from Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (By-law 1519)
  • It is illegal to blow leaves, grass clippings and garden debris onto sidewalks or roadways. Violators could be subject to a fine. (By-law 1425)

Fallen or broken branches from City trees along road ways or in public areas should be reported to Public Works at 514-989-5311.