Here you will find the phone numbers of the many services at your disposal, in case of an emergency.

Register to CodeRED, the City of Westmount’s Automated Emergency Communications System.

The City of Westmount implemented the CodeRED automated notification system, which gives it the ability to broadcast important information within minutes. Residents will receive important messages and procedures to follow by telephone, email and SMS text for emergencies situations such as major fires, gas leaks or extended power outages.

Everyone with a telephone land line is already registered in the system. To register your email address, or phone numbers for mobile devices, private landlines and non-residential lines, click on CodeRED logo above to link to the registration form.

In Westmount, the CodeRED notification system is used only for emergency situations.

Power outages
According to our policy, the system is used for electricity outages that are likely to last more than 3 or 4 hours, the typical period needed to restore power. Also, it may take up to 30 minutes to program and send CodeRED messages to a specific area.

Gas leaks
When dealing with a gas leak, the fire department usually requests the shutdown of all electrical circuits in the immediate area of the leak due to the risk of natural gas circulating in underground conduits. When that happens, Hydro Westmount must wait for permission from fire officials before restoring the electricity.


INFO OUTAGES – Hydro Westmount

Info Outages is an interactive map that lets you view the status of Westmount’s electrical network.


The PDQ 12 squad always ensures the safety of its territory.

Fire Safety

The Fire Safety of Montreal also provides services for the city of Westmount.

Public Security

The Public Security service applies municipal laws.

Poison Control Centre

In case of any kind of intoxication.
Ville de Westmount

City Hall

During a catastrophy, the city hall staff puts its emergency plan into action.

Hydro Westmount

At Westmount, the Hydro Westmount staff normally provides support for emergencies

Public Works

At Westmount, the Public Works staff normally provide support for emergencies.

Guide to planning your emergencies

Your survival plan.

It is important to establish a survival plan in case of a future catastrophe. In this plan, you must choose a contact that resides outside the city and a temporary housing.

It is also important to inform yourself about emergency measures at your children’s school(s) and about emergency measures at work.

If you have a disability, make arrangements with a family member, friend, or neighbour to help you in an emergency.

If you have family pets, you need to include them in your emergency planning. You should have a permanent tag on your pet’s collar with your name, phone number and, if possible, address.

Post important numbers where family members can be reached at home, office, school, or other locations near your telephone and/or program them into your cell phone.

Prepare emergency kits for every member of your family, including pets. Also prepare kits for any automobiles.