Ecocitizenship: Westmount’s Green Patrol

The Green Patrol returns to Westmount this summer with the mandate to inform, raise awareness and educate citizens on waste management best practices. Our young patrollers, Adeze and Brandon, use education and citizen engagement opportunities to promote ecocitizenship and caring for our environment. You may see them in your neighbourhood during their weekly inspections of materials placed street side for collection!

The main actions promoted by the Green Patrol are reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and making the best use of the various collections offered by the City (recycling, food waste, garden waste and bulky items). Start implementing good waste sorting practices today with the help of our practical waste sorting chart. Consult the waste management webpage to find out all about collections in Westmount and to access practical tools and information.

Above all, remember that the best waste is no waste!

Reminder: Since May 1, changes to Westmount’s waste management by-law have come into effect. These include mandatory participation in food waste collection for multi-unit dwellings of 9 to 29 units and garbage every 2 weeks for single-family homes and dwellings of 2 to 8 units between the months of October and April. Find details and practical information on the Clean Westmount Initiative project page.