Demonstration period for the new Pay-by-Plate parking payment system

The City of Westmount is preparing to introduce new parking stations that feature a recent technology called Pay-By-Plate, which allows customers to purchase parking minutes based on the license plate number rather than on the parking spot. This new system will replace the existing parking meters, and will accept payment by coin (.25, $1 and $2), by credit card and by mobile app.

The installation of the new parking stations will take place in the spring of 2016.

As part of this project, two demonstration pay stations have been installed and activated: one at Westmount City Hall, 4333 Sherbrooke Street West, and the other inside the Westmount Recreation Centre, 4675 Ste-Catherine Street West.

The goal is to allow residents to become familiar with the new pay stations, which are now functional, with the exception of the billing. We therefore invite you to give the system a try by following the posted instructions. You need only enter your license plate number on the keypad and activate the button to obtain a receipt. Please note that no charges will be applied by the Pay-by-Plate machines during this period.

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