Creation and Nomination of a Hydro Westmount Governance Committee

The mission of Hydro Westmount is to ensure a reliable and secure supply of electricity to residents, businesses and organizations throughout the territory of the City of Westmount, while providing quality local service to its customers.

The Director of Hydro Westmount recommends the creation of a committee to accompany Hydro Westmount in its new challenges, in environmental and technological matters.

This Westmount Hydro Governance Committee will act as an advisory committee, with a mandate of two (2) years. The committee’s mandate will be to recommend to municipal Council future environmental and technological strategies and directions for Hydro Westmount. The Committee shall consist of up to eleven (11) members as follows:

  • Up to three (3) members of Council, including the Commissioner of Hydro Westmount, as Chairperson
  • Up to three (3) members from the City administration
  • Up to five (5) members of the Westmount community

Councillors Jeff J. Shamie and Philip A. Cutler are appointed as members of the Hydro Westmount Governance Committee, with Mayor Christina M. Smith as an ex officio member.

Ms. Geneviève Grenier, Mr. David Laidley, Mr. Stephen Léopold, Mr. Daniel A. Perrault and Mr. Timothy E. Price are appointed as community members of the Westmount Hydro Governance Committee.