COVID-19: Where to dispose of your used masks and protective gloves

Over the past few days, there has been a sharp increase in the number of used protective masks and gloves on streets and in parks.

These worn masks and gloves left on streets, sidewalks and parks can pose a contamination hazard to residents and visitors, as well as those in charge of street cleaning and garbage collection. Discarding used masks on the ground or in green spaces also contributes to environmental pollution.

The City invites the public to be civic-minded by disposing of used gloves and face masks in public garbage bins and not on the ground. It is also recommended that you dispose of your masks, gloves and cleaning wipes in a dedicated, resistant plastic bag with a functional closure system. This bag should be carefully resealed and stored for 24 hours before being placed in a closed household waste bin.
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Furthermore, the City wishes to remind everyone that it is forbidden to throw any waste in public spaces. All garbage must be put in a garbage bin. Signage will soon be installed in the City’s parks to remind people of these instructions.
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Thank you all for your collaboration in making our public places cleaner and safer.