COVID-19: Walking in the same direction to save lives

Encouraging physical distancing on pedestrian walkways

Westmount, April 8, 2020 – To increase space between pedestrians to encourage physical distancing, the City of Westmount is asking all residents and visitors walking or running on pedestrian walkways to move in the same direction, depending on which side of the street they use. This measure will prevent people from crossing each other on the same sidewalk and will promote the recommended minimum distance of two metres between people.

  • On two-way streets, pedestrians using the sidewalk are encouraged to follow the direction of traffic. For example, if you are walking eastward, use the sidewalk next to the eastbound traffic.
  • On one-way streets, southbound pedestrians should use the west sidewalk. Pedestrians walking north should use the east sidewalk.

In introducing this new initiative, Westmount Mayor Christina M. Smith commented, “Some of our streets and sidewalks are too narrow, or are configured in such a way that it can sometimes be difficult for pedestrians to strictly adhere to the two-metre distance when crossing paths on the same sidewalk. But physical distancing is critical in the fight against COVID-19. That is why we are encouraging citizens to adopt this new measure. We must try everything possible that will limit the risk of contagion. Let’s all move in the same direction to save lives”.

Other measures taken this week to increase pedestrian space include:

  • limiting vehicular access to local traffic and widening the pedestrian space on De Maisonneuve Boulevard and Summit Circle;
  • eliminating parking spaces on Côte-Saint-Antoine Road;
  • reserving a traffic and parking lane for pedestrians on Greene Avenue between Sherbrooke Street and De Maisonneuve Boulevard.

In addition, beginning Thursday, April 9, increased pedestrian space on:

  • Westmount Avenue between Lansdowne and Claremont Avenues;
  • and Lansdowne Avenue between Westmount Avenue and St-Catherine Street.

These measures are temporary and are intended to allow residents the opportunity to walk the streets of Westmount safely while respecting the physical distancing measures recommended by public health authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

Thank you all for your cooperation.