COVID-19: Second tax instalment is postponed

On April 6th, Westmount City Council voted to postpone the date of the 2nd instalment of the municipal tax accounts. The new due date has been extended to Monday, June 29, 2020.

The interest and penalty rates will be at 0% from March 12 to June 29th

What should you do?

  • If you have scheduled the payment of taxes through the website of your financial institution, you must change the date yourself since the City has no means to do so.
  • If you sent a post-dated check for May 25, the City will only deposit it on June 29. You have no action to take.
  • If you have planned your 2nd installment through the ACCEO Transphere platform, the City will postpone the payment to June 29. You have no action to take.
  • If your taxes are paid by a mortgagee, the City will contact them directly. You have no action to take.

What about other invoices?

The due dates of all other invoices (e.g. transfer duties) that have been received by taxpayers are maintained. The preferred method of payment is electronic payment, via the website of your financial institution. The electronic payment reference number is listed on the invoice and payment slip.