COVID-19: Montreal Mayor Plante declares state of emergency to help the homeless

As part of the Agglomeration of Montreal, the City of Westmount supports Mayor Valérie Plante’s decision to declare a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 situation. The purpose of these measures is to protect the most vulnerable in our society. Several day centres have had to close, and the number of places in shelters has been reduced, leaving hundreds of homeless people without food, no place to rest, no protection.

Cabot Square will be the site of one of five day centres in Montreal that will help the homeless population. 

“The state of emergency will allow us to take the necessary measures to protect the life, health and integrity of Montrealers. For example, we can requisition private accommodation if necessary and buy emergency equipment and food.”, said Mayor Plante.

We want to reassure the public that this is not a quarantine or lockdown. If it becomes necessary, it would be at the request of the government of Québec and the public health department. Let’s take this opportunity to respect public health guidelines.

“Residents must adhere to public health guidelines,” mentioned Mayor Christina M. Smith. “A 14-day quarantine after travel, social distancing and please stay home.”