COVID-19: Information to employees


Hi everyone,

Following the new directives given by the Provincial Government on Monday in regards to maintaining essential services, we activated a new phase of our plan to limit our current onsite activities since yesterday. Hence, all the Finance and Urban Planning Department employees will continue to work from home depending on duties and if feasible while a few will occasionally have to be on site sporadically in order to carry out certain necessary tasks. 

As the Public Safety, Public Works and Hydro Westmount Departments offer essential services, plans have been put into place by the Management team to maintain these services to Westmount residents. These groups are at the front line to provide services and help to our residents as required. 

The I.T. Division will continue to support the infrastructure in place and all remote users with staff working mostly from home. The Finance Department will continue to process payments to suppliers, payments from residents although with a slight delay for checks and, will only process urgent requisitions pertaining to the purchase of supplies. Legal Services are active remotely and continue to maintain the preparation of Council meetings. All Human Resources personnel is working from home and is continuing to provide pay service, among other things and the human resources management plan. The Engineering Department is also working remotely and maintaining the preparation of works and call for tenders even though there is a good possibility that certain projects will be delayed due to the present circumstances. The Urban Planning Department will essentially cease a major part of its current activities and will only respond to urgent situations and will be working on planning. Lastly, our Communications Division continues to be on duty remotely and the Office of the Director General is operational on site and remotely.

The Library and Community Events services as well as the Sports and Recreation services have been suspended until further notice. All personnel has been sent home and certain activity planning is in preparation by the relevant personnel.

All City buildings remain closed to the public until further notice. Certain of them will be barely occupied and others non-occupied and this, as of today. This includes City Hall, the Library, Victoria Hall, the Westmount Recreation Centre and the building where Purchasing and Building Management Divisions are located.

To conclude, I reiterate to please follow the directives given by our Provincial and Federal Governments, to continue following the proper hygiene habits and to minimize your interactions with others and respect social distancing.

A huge thank you once again to all of you for your efforts and your understanding.