COVID-19: Information to employees


In order to ensure that activities can resume or continue in the safest and healthiest conditions possible in the context of COVID-19, a document entitled “Employee Guide for Return to Work – COVID-19” is now available on the City website. You can access the document by clicking on the following link:

This guide compiles all the preventive measures that have been communicated to you over the past few weeks. The development of the content is based on the publications produced by several stakeholders, including the Institut national de la santé publique (INSPQ), the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) and many occupational health and safety specialists.

The City of Westmount recognizes the importance of prevention with respect to the COVID-19 virus and is working to implement a plan to continue operations during this pandemic period.

Collaboration and cooperation from everyone during this period are essential to achieving the safest and healthiest working conditions as possible.

Expectations: Roles and Responsibilities
The City has established a share of roles and responsibilities. These responsibilities are distributed throughout all levels of the Administration: from the Director General to the employees.

It is important that all employees read the document to review all safety directives. In addition, during the next week, all employees will be called, by sub-group, to a meeting (virtual or in person) during which Richard Pirès and Roslane Mediouni will be available to answer your questions and/or concerns.

Preventive measures
The City is committed to maintaining and even increasing the number of measures to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. In addition to signage in strategic locations, all employees affected by this policy will have to comply with the prevention measures.

The main ones being:

  • Do not report to work if they present symptoms related to COVID-19;
  • Physical distance (respect the 2-metre distancing between people);
  • Hand hygiene (washing and disinfection);
  • Respiratory etiquette (cough/sneeze into a tissue or into the crook of the elbow);
  • Wear PPE when 2 metre distancing is not possible.

Form: Commitment to Report Health Status
According to INSPQ recommendations, all employees who have to go to the workplace must do a self-evaluation before starting their work day. To this end, your manager will ask you to fill out the “Commitment to report health status – COVID-19” form. This form includes the self-assessment that you must do each day as well as the commitments to be respected. You do not need to fill out the form every day, however, you will have to inform your supervisor if there is a change in your condition.

If you have any of the symptoms or answer “yes” to any of the questions or sub-questions on the form, you must notify your immediate supervisor or a representative from the Human Resources Department immediately and you must stay home.

Furthermore, you must agree to disclose any positive result to COVID-19 as soon as you receive such a result.

Managers are responsible for contacting the Human Resources Department immediately in order to keep a record including the name of the person who reported the symptom(s), the date of disclosure and the onset of symptoms, the symptom(s), close contacts of the symptomatic employee, etc.

As an employer, we have an obligation, among other things, to protect your health and as an employee, you have an obligation to take the necessary measures to protect your health and ensure that you do not endanger the health of other people in the workplace.

Health and safety is everyone’s business!



Benoit Hurtubise
Director General