COVID-19: Closure of gathering venues

Premier François Legault announced in the early afternoon of Sunday, March 15, that Quebec now has 18 new cases of COVID-19 within the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 39. This means that further restrictions are necessary.

“We are not surprised (the number of cases is up). We expected it. This confirms the importance of putting all chances on our side to slow this transmission,” Legault said.

Closure of gathering venues: Specifically, bars, cinemas, gyms, theatres, spas, saunas, libraries, ski resorts, amusement centres, sugar shacks, and buffets. In the case of restaurants, Quebec asks owners to limit the number of customers to 50% of their capacity. Customers must be at least one metre apart.

The Premier is counting on the good faith of entrepreneurs to respect the new guidelines.

Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open. Quebec is also not asking retail businesses, such as clothing stores, to close their doors.

Quebec recommends that Quebecers limit their outings to essentials. “We should only go out to work, buy bread, go to the pharmacy, get medical care, go for a walk or go to help people 70 years of age and older,” he said, of those we asked to stay home.

“I understand that I’m asking a lot of Quebecers. We put a lot of restrictions on your normal life, but what we’re doing is going to save lives. Quebecers are made strong, and together we are capable of winning the battle.”