Council: The Next Two Years – Council’s Game Plan

As we approach the mid-point of our mandate, Council’s focus continues to be on adopting policies and programmes designed to ensure that Westmount is a city where people thrive, feel socially connected and feel safe and secure.

Residents want a city that is well run, with programmes and infrastructure that meets their needs and one that is ready to meet the challenges of climate change.

This overriding objective serves as our guide as we move forward with budget planning for 2024 and firm up our plans for the next two years.

Kindly refer to our objectives page for a comprehensive overview, encompassing our infrastructure projects like Hydro Westmount, the ongoing revitalization of the South-East area, the expansion of community sports and events, and our initiatives in communication and citizen engagement. Explore our values underscored by a commitment to sustainability, safety, and mobility. Of paramount importance is our dedication to investing in our people, recognizing their pivotal role in our shared success. >>>