Council goals

City Council wishes to ensure that Westmount remain a livable city, whether in a fiscal, physical, architectural, environmental, or social context. To this end, Council has given itself five key goals to achieve over the next three years. All these goals must adhere to the principles of sustainable development in their implementation.

1. Traffic

To begin to implement the Traffic Master Plan, including the introduction of traffic calming measures, rationalization of speed zones, and the elimination of outdated traffic control devices. Special emphasis will be placed on: reducing the impending disruption of the Turcot Interchange work; installing controllers for appropriate traffic light progressions on main streets depending on the time of day, while giving priority for buses on Sherbrooke; improving the pedestrian experience; upgrading and expanding the bike path system starting with de Maisonneuve; modernizing the parking meter system; and, lastly, insisting on the installation of photo-radar units in Westmount in order to control speeds and enforce the Highway Code.

2. Urban planning

To complete a Master Urban Plan, while continuing to implement specific zoning measures requiring immediate attention. The Plan, as well as updating Westmount’s land-use planning in general, would also include a revision of heritage classifications and other measures that will ensure the conservation of our built heritage – including the protection of interiors and the potential re-use of houses of worship and other institutional buildings.

3. Infrastructure and parks

To complete the detailed inventory of the condition of city infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks, public buildings, and Hydro Westmount equipment, including public spaces and parks – with special attention devoted to Summit Woods. Establish minimum quality standards to be met, set priorities, and establish a schedule to bring the City’s entire public infrastructure up to those standards through planned asset management.

4. Hydro Westmount

To engage an outside consultant to produce a business plan for Hydro Westmount with a view to making it more autonomous. This autonomy is viewed as a necessary step to render HW more efficient, open up new methods of financing, update its services, make it more sustainable, and render it more responsive to its customers’ needs.

5. Communication

To create an ad hoc committee to oversee the preparation and implementation of a Communications Plan for the City. This plan will have specific objectives to: follow through with the redesign the City’s website, improve internal communications, and upgrade citizen communications including the implementation of Code Red and the simplification of the building permit process.