Conservatory and Greenhouses

4624, Sherbrooke West




The restoration of the Greenhouses is underway as planned. Following the re-launch of the design process in September 2019, a new Design team (Affleck de la Riva, architects) has established a project schedule in which the design phase extends until May 2020. This phase will be followed by a public tender for the execution phase of the project. Execution work is expected to start in July 2020 for a period of 6 to 8 months according to a provisional estimate.

The scope of the project remains as initially planned: a complete restoration of the envelope, a new design and refurbishment of the interior spaces. The project corresponds to the projected usage of the building and is consistent with the option developed by the firm “Nadeau Nadeau Blondin, architects” earlier in 2019.

This restoration project involves a high level of complexity due to the unique nature of the structure. A number of phases and milestones of the project also depend on external factors such as the market, the availability of qualified contractors and the manufacturing time of the wood and glass components. In this context, the City of Westmount is making every effort to ensure that the project is completed on schedule so that City residents and visitors can once again enjoy the Greenhouses.


UPDATE – APRIL 2, 2019

Westmount’s heritage Conservatory was closed in September 2015 for safety reasons due to problems with the building structure. Since that time, two studies have been carried out to help plan an appropriate repair and restoration of this unique structure. In 2018, Westmount’s City Council mandated a professional services team for the restoration and renovation of the Conservatory and the heritage greenhouses built in 1927.

Following the options presented by the professional services team and due to the complexity of the project, a reevaluation of the restoration and renovation strategy was deemed necessary.

On Monday, April 1st, 2019, the Council reassessed the investment required for the final phases of the project and opted for a more viable restoration and renovation concept that best respect the essential elements of the project and provide added value in terms of design and mobility.

This concept involves the restoration of the building’s exterior architecture to its original grandeur. It also includes a complete redesign of the electromechanical systems and the interior architecture of the Conservatory, which will feature a universal access ramp to the Westmount Public Library.

This option will provide Westmount residents with a better building in terms of accessibility and design, and it will preserve the City’s historical heritage.

The scope of the restoration requires a reevaluation of the project’s budget, including an increase in professional fees. For this reason, and in accordance with its legal obligations, the City must end the mandate of the current design team and return to tender. The new call for tender will be issued to select the team responsible for the final plans, specifications, and site supervision during the execution phases of the project.

This process may have an impact on the project’s completion period, but it will ultimately allow residents and visitors to rediscover and enjoy one of Westmount’s historic treasures.



This year, Westmount’s municipal council awarded a contract for professional services for the design and the preparation of plans and tenders to carry out a major restoration of the Conservatory and Pond Room. At this time, the technical sketches have been completed, as well as the functional and technical program plans; these represent a crucial step required to advance to the next stage of the project. The contracted professional experts are currently working to complete the preliminary plans and specifications, the goal being to finalize the design in 2019 and carry out the tendering process in time to begin the necessary work, likely in late autumn of 2019. Each step of this process is conditional to approval by City Council.


UPDATE – MARCH 7, 2018

Conservatory restoration: phase 1 underway

Westmount’s heritage Conservatory was closed in September 2015 for safety reasons due to a problem with its roof. Since that time, two studies have been carried out to help plan an appropriate repair and restoration of this unique structure.

Following City Council approval on February 19, the City issued a public tender for professional services in preparation of the work needed to restore the historic Conservatory and Pond House. The mandate will include, among other things, the analysis of the site and buildings, as well as the preparation of a restoration strategy and of the specifications required to carry out the work.

The tenders will be evaluated in April and awarded in May 2018. Among the priorities listed are the preservation of the building’s heritage architecture, the interior floor plan, universal accessibility, sustainability and a maintenance strategy.

The tender follows the recommendations of a 2017 study that confirmed the integrity of the foundation and the use of weather-resistant Accoya wood in the restoration of the glass structure.

The second phase of the project will involve the adjacent production greenhouses, also currently closed to the public. A needs analysis and study is now underway to establish the future of the complex of production houses.


Historic Conservatory and greenhouses

Westmount’s Conservatory has produced elaborate annual floral exhibitions ever since its construction in 1927 by noted greenhouse manufacturers, Lord & Burnham, also credited for building the conservatories for the New York Botanical Garden and the United states Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. In addition, the plants grown within Westmount’s vaulted windowed structure are used to craft one of our city’s most recognizable landmarks – the Floral Clock.

Over the years, the Conservatory has undergone various alterations. A vestibule was added and a pond was put in the main greenhouse. As well, in 1999 the Conservatory was joined to Victoria Hall by a link through the new Art Gallery.

In 2004, the architectural firm Beaupré & Michaud was commissioned to restore the Conservatory, and reproduce it as closely as possible to its original structure. The masonry wall was demolished and rebuilt, the upper glass and metal portion was removed, restored and rebuilt on site, fractured cast iron elements, corroded steel, and rotten wood windows were replaced, and the pool in the main greenhouse was supplanted with a contemporary water basin with a small wooden bridge and Italian marble waterfall.

Certain features were also added, which were not part of the original design, such as an electric lift to provide handicapped access from the library, more efficient and economical lighting fixtures, heating elements strategically hidden under flower tables, and a bronze fountain statue to sit in lieu of the one that was stolen many years ago.

Following its restoration, the Westmount Conservatory was officially reopened on March 31, 2005.

With the files of the Westmount Historical Association