City Council

Mayor Christina M. Smith and 8 city councillors, each representing one of the city’s 8 wards, form the council of the City of Westmount. The council is the main governing and legislative body for the city.

The Mayor and Councillors also sit on various standing committees and municipal organizations.

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Council members

Christina M. Smith

Mayor of Westmount
Mayor Christina M. Smith was first elected as City Councillor in 2013 and as Mayor of the City of Westmount in 2017.
Vice President of the Public Security Commission with the Agglomeration of Montreal

Christina M. Smith was elected to Westmount City Council on November 3, 2013, as the Councillor for District 5, she was also the Commissioner of Administration during that mandate. In April 2017, Christina Smith was named interim mayor by her fellow Council members when Peter Trent retired as Mayor of Westmount. On November 5, 2017, Christina Smith was elected the Mayor of the City of Westmount. During the 2017-2021 mandate, she was a member of the Finance Commission with the Agglomeration of Montreal as well as the Economic Development Commission and the Audit Committee. In November 2021 she was elected mayor of Westmount for a second term and is the vice-president of the Public Security Commission with the Agglomeration of Montreal. Mayor Smith is also a member of the executive of the Association of Suburban Municipalities.

Prior to entering municipal politics Christina was the Director of Industry and Government Affairs for Coca-Cola. Christina was also the Policy Advisor to the Federal Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. Involved in many community organizations Christina believes in civic engagement to ensure our community is one where all residents benefit from our many programs and services.

Christina has a Bachelor of Political Science from Bishop’s University. Christina and her husband have three young children who enjoy many of Westmount’s sports programs and activities.

Antonio D’Amico

Commissioner of Finance
Member of the Finance and Administration Committee

Antonio D’Amico was elected to Westmount City Council on November 7, 2021 as the Councillor for District 1, he is also the Commissioner of Finance. He has been a resident of Westmount and District 1 since 2013.

Antonio has a B.Com (Finance/MIS), BA (Psych), MBA and Graduate Diploma in Taxation, from McGill University.

Antonio is a practicing Canadian and US CPA specializing in taxation. Antonio obtained his Canadian CPA in 1994 and his US CPA in 2004. He advises multinational corporations, small businesses, estates and trusts, and individuals. He has been invited to present his tax recommendations to the Quebec Revenue Department and the US Congress.

He and his wife Claudia are the proud parents of 2 teenagers raised in Westmount, and participated in many Westmount activities.

Elisabeth Roux

Commissioner of the Public Library and Community Events
Member of the Public Library Committee
Member of the Local Heritage Council

Elisabeth Roux was elected to Westmount City Council on November 7th, 2021, as Councillor for District 2. She has been named Commissioner of the Public Library and Community Events. She is also a member of the Public Library Committee, ensuring that the jewel of our City continues to foster a love of learning, reading and community building.

She holds a bachelor in political science from Université de Montréal and a Master of Communication Management from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California.

Elisabeth worked in corporate communications for both Canadian and international corporations for many years. She interrupted her professional career to become a full-time caregiver for family members.

She has always been involved in her community. Currently, Elisabeth serves as a board member of the Foundation of Montreal Oral School for the deaf and the Fondation du Collège Jean-de-Bébeuf. She also volunteers for other not-for-profit organizations.

Elisabeth has always valued and been drawn to public service. She enjoys the proximity to citizens that municipal government offers. She looks for opportunities to interact with residents, obtain feedback and comments and answer questions. It’s important to her to seek citizens’ input on issues that impact them because she believes it will lead to better outcomes.

Elisabeth, her husband Roger and their two teenage boys are lifelong residents of District 2, who enjoy Westmount’s sense of community as well as the services and the activities it offers, appreciating the City’s culture, heritage and values.

Jeff J. Shamie

Commissioner of Hydro Westmount and Administration
Chair of the Finance and Administration Committee
Chair of the Hydro Westmount Committee

Elected to City Council as the representative of District 3 in the November 2017 election, Jeff Shamie currently serves as Pro Mayor, Commissioner of Hydro Westmount and Administration as well as Chair of the Finance and Administration Committee.

In parallel with his duties in municipal politics, Jeff has served as CEO of the Cedars Cancer Foundation at the McGill University Health Centre [MUHC] since 2005. As one of Montreal’s leading fundraising professionals, Jeff has guided the transformation of Cedars into one of the city’s leading foundations recognized for its support of cancer care, research and education.

Jeff has worked in marketing and the international apparel industry. Previously, he was Director of Expo 2000, the City of Toronto’s bid for a World’s Fair, a Senior Policy Advisor to several Ontario cabinet ministers and an assistant in the Prime Minister’s Office [PMO] under Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Jeff has a BA (Hons) in Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration from Queen’s University. He and his wife Daphne have 4 daughters, who are active participants in Westmount’s many sports programmes, and the myriad of community and cultural events / activities this great city has to offer.

Conrad Peart

Commissioner of Urban Planning and Architecture (Engineering and Infrastructure)
Member of the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)
Member of the Finance and Administration Committee 

Anitra M. Bostock

Commissioner of Public Works, Accessibility and Mobility
Lead member of the  Transportation Advisory Committee

A lifelong resident of Westmount, Anitra Bostock was elected to Westmount City Council in November 2017 and again in 2021. Anitra continues to bring her experience and energy to be the voice on council for the residents of District 5.

Anitra also plans to have regular touchpoints with District 5 residents so that she may hear what is important to them and address their concerns in a timely manner.

As the commissioner of Public Works, Accessibility and Mobility, Anitra aims to provide the highest possible standard of service to Westmount residents while continuing to improve accessibility.

Currently, the Community Development Project Manager at the Teresa Dellar Palliative Care Residence, Anitra helps people with advanced age, frailty, chronic and/or life-limiting illness to live at home or in the community for as long as they possibly can. In addition, she is working to increase community engagement and link people to newly developed and existing services in the West Island. Anitra previously served as Special Events Manager at the Cedars Cancer Foundation, as Regional Manager for the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, and as an employee of Westmount’s Sports and Recreation department. From 2003 to 2012, Anitra became well acquainted with hundreds of Westmount families during her time overseeing the city’s sports and community activities.

The proud stepmom of two daughters, Anitra, looks forward to working with residents, council, and the mayor to ensure that Westmount remains a great place to live for future generations.

Mary Gallery

Commissioner of Sports and Recreation and Parks and Greenhouses
Member of Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)
Trustee of the Westmount Public Library Committee
Responsible for the relations with Marianopolis College and Dawson College

Mary Gallery was first elected to City Council in November 2017. With the pandemic thwarting many of Council’s initiatives during that cycle, Mary was keen to present herself as a candidate for a 2nd term in the November 2021 municipal election to continue working on the many important and ongoing initiatives, files, and objectives underway. She won by acclamation and is honoured to again be representing the residents of District 6. Mary is very proud of what our Mayor, Council and City employees have accomplished throughout this period of profound uncertainty and instability.

Mary was reappointed as Commissioner, Sports and Recreation. The Sports and Recreation program is extremely popular, and the City is looking at innovative ways to improve and expand on the existing activities, as these programs are more important than ever. Additionally, she is eager to strengthen the City’s partnerships with local institutions such as Dawson and Marianopolis Colleges; and make more facilities available to our residents.

Mary recently assumed her new role as Commissioner, Parks and Greenspaces. The importance of our parks to the well-being of our community has never been more evident than during the pandemic. It is imperative that the City increases its investment in our many parks upkeep and infrastructure programs.

Mary will also serve on the Planning Advisory Committee, and as a trustee of the Westmount Public Library Committee. She recognizes the importance of these key committees in the community as they impact so many of our residents.

Mary is looking forward to working with the new 2021-2025 Council and to participate in the substantial investment in, and ongoing progress of our great City. She remains committed to being accessible and responsive to the needs and concerns of residents and offering meaningful contributions to the collective work that makes our City one of the most desirable places to live in Montréal, Québec, and Canada.

Mary is a dedicated, civic-minded volunteer and is an active member of several community, academic and philanthropic boards, and committees. Mary is married and is the proud mother of 2 children.

Matthew E. Aronson

Commissioner for Climate and Sustainability, for Economic Development and for Citizen Engagement
Establishing an Environment Committee with clear targets for the City Administration

Matthew E. (“Matt”) Aronson was elected to Westmount City Council on November 7, 2021 as the Councillor for District 7. He has been named as Commissioner for Climate and Sustainability, for Economic Development and for Citizen Engagement.

A lawyer at Westmount-based Adessky Attorneys, Matt leads his firm’s immigration group, as well as practicing real estate law and business law, with a focus on small enterprises, family businesses and non-profit organizations.

Matt has over 25 years of experience as a community leader and volunteer. Recently, he served as Secretary of the Board of Notre-Dame-des-Arts, which funds and promotes the arts and runs NDG ArtsWeek Festival, as a member the YMCA Kanawana Alumni Awards committee, and as a volunteer workshop leader for YES Montreal, PME Montreal and Ometz. He is currently the Secretary of the Board of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), the leading Quebec advocacy group for official minority language communities.

Born and raised in Montreal’s west end, Matt has deep roots in Westmount. The son of local merchants, Matt attended Roslyn Elementary, Lower Canada College, and Dawson College, serving as Student Union President before graduating in 1997. His post secondary education included degrees in Classics and Philosophy (University of King’s College), Communications (Concordia) and Civil & Common Law (McGill). He has lived in District 7 with his spouse, Jennifer, and his daughters, since 2015.

Matt believes deeply in the power of engaged citizens to create and sustain an inclusive, organized and compassionate community. He is committed to open, transparent and responsive local governance, as well as the continuity of Westmount’s tradition of independence and community cohesion in municipal affairs.

Kathleen Kez

Commissioner of Public Security
Member of the Transportation Advisory Committee
Member of the Finance and Administration Committee

Kathleen Kez was first elected to Westmount City Council on November 5, 2017 as the Councillor for District 8 and was the Commissioner of Finance and member of the finance & administration committee. In 2022, she was named the Commissioner of Public Security.

Kathleen grew up in Westmount attending Roslyn and Westmount High. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University and a Diploma in Accounting from McGill University.

Kathleen owns her own business offering accounting and tax preparation services to small businesses and individuals. She also volunteers for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) tax program for those in need. Of Hungarian heritage, she is an active member of the Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce (HCCC). She lived in France for 10 years but moved back to Westmount in 2002 with her two children, Nicolas and Chloe, both of whom were very active in the community and were Westmount camp counselors for years.

She is committed to representing the interests of District 8 and working with all residents with full transparency. She has been a strong advocate for the need to protect, preserve and enhance the vital living space of our community and has been promoting the need for more green spaces. She is eager to develop a proactive vision for district 8 through consultation and consideration that can bring the community closer together and protect its residential neighbourhood as well as ensure the revitalization of its commercial sector.