Centennial Monument

Westmount Park

The commemorative monument was built in 1967 by the 3rd Field Engineer Regiment – a reserve force unit of the Royal Canadian Engineers – as part of the centennial celebrations, to mark the long association of the local unit with the City of Westmount.

Located in Westmount Park, near the corner of Melville and Sherbrooke, the monument consists of a 50-foot aluminum flagpole and a semi-circle of 12 stone panels. Encased on the panels are the coat of arms of the ten Canadian provinces and two territories, which existed at the time of construction.

The monument is one of the many projects carried out by militia units all across Canada in 1967. Its inauguration, on October 17, of that year, coincided with Westmount Day at Expo 67, which reflected Westmount’s status as a member of the Greater Montreal community and acknowledged the municipality’s sponsorship of the Plaza of the Universe.

Depicting the theme of “Man the Explorer”, the Plaza served as the courtyard for the three pavilions on Ile Sainte-Hélène.