Apply for a parking permit

Use this form to apply for a 4-hour Westmount parking permit ($40/year) or a 24-hour parking permit ($225/year). Cars must be registered to a Westmount address.

Before completing the form, please have images of the following documents ready to attach (pdf or jpg):

  • car registration *
  • drivers’ license with Westmount address
  • second proof of residence (recent utility bill or financial statement)
  • apartment lease (tenants)
  • letter from landlord stating that no parking is available at the apartment building (tenants)
  • letter from condo association confirming that no parking is available on site (condo owners)

*  The name on the car registration must match the name on the proof of residence; otherwise, the application must include a letter from the insurer with the name of the primary driver of the vehicle. 

You may also complete the form without the attachements and mail printed copies of all the documents to the Permits Office, 21 Stanton Street, Westmount, H3Y 3B1.

Single-family home owners must fill in a special section to request for a property inspection and provide information on each car in the household, including the make, model and year. If the permit request is approved, the applicant must provide the following documents:

  • car registration for every vehicle registered at that address;
  • two proofs of residence for the driver of each of those vehicles.

Expect at least 2 business days for the permit approval, and 14 business days to receive the parking sticker.

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