Annual licence for landscaping contractors

Many landscaping contractors have returned to service in Westmount, in accordance with the directives of the Government of Quebec.

Westmount Urban Planning Department is also resuming its activities and has set up an online form for annual licences for entrepreneurs working on its territory. The licenses will cover the current annual period (April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021) on a retroactive basis. Entrepreneurs have until June 1st to apply for a licence and pay the associated annual fee. Vehicle identification stickers will be sent by mail. After June 1st, any contractor using a vehicle for which a licence has not been issued will be subject to a fine.

Fill out an online licence application


Contractors hired by residents of Westmount to maintain private land (snow removal, lawn mowing, watering, outdoor maintenance) must obtain a license and put a sticker on their vehicle. A fee of $150/vehicle applies. Before you apply, please ensure you have:

  • A list of your clients’ addresses
  • A copy of the registration certificate of each vehicle
  • The technical data sheet of your leaf blowers when applicable.

The City of Westmount thanks you for your cooperation.