Competition #: 2050 – 2019 A
Salary scale: $31.10 to $41.47
Deadline: 18 June, 2019

Purpose of position

The Urban Planning Technician accomplishes various technical tasks to help create, develop and promote solutions to urban planning problems.


  • Specialized college diploma with the appropriate profile and from the relevant field.


  • Two (2) years of experience in a job that familiarizes the candidate with this field.

Examples of tasks accomplished

  1. Identifies urban planning needs and makes the appropriate recommendations based on physical, technical, functional, aesthetic, economic and social considerations.
  2. Carries out impact studies for urban planning projects and proposals from the public and private sectors and consequently informs municipal authorities; as needed, suggests the conditions or changes required of such projects to facilitate their physical and social integration into the existing and planned urban environment.
  3. Makes urban planning proposals, in the form of plans, maps, text, models, draft by-laws, etc., to municipal authorities and other municipal departments for creating or modifying municipal by-laws and other purposes.
  4. Writes technical reports, including recommendations for pursuing the goals that result from the above-mentioned studies, particularly regarding architectural heritage and history, the opening and closing of public rights of way and alleys, the creation of parks, housing, businesses, industry and facilities, the purchase, sale and expropriation of designated properties, land registry changes, reserves, public encroachments, etc.

Other qualifications

Bilingualism (English and French);

 Knowledge of

  • Urban planning techniques and local-scale planning;
  • Urban development standards;
  • Westmount zoning by-laws.

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