Urban Planning Agent

Competition #: 2052-2023A
Salary scale: 6 - $24.39 to $32.51 (salary scale 2022)
Deadline: 8 August, 2023

Purpose of position

The Urban Planning Agent meets and communicates with the public, provides the necessary information, issues permits, certificates and licenses and performs tasks of an administrative nature for the Engineering Department.


  • College diploma in urban planning, architecture or other relevant field.


  • Six (6) months of experience in a department relevant to the nature of the job or in a job that has familiarized the candidate with this field.

Main responsabilities

  1. Responds to questions from citizens regarding procedures to obtain a permit, guidelines for renovations or construction and certain basic departmental regulatory provisions. Refers clients to other people concerned when required.
  2. Following the reception of requests to review plans, opens client files and ensures that the contents meet the department’s existing requirements.
  3. Issues permits and licences (construction, plumbing, occupancy and others) by completing the appropriate form when the request is approved by the person in charge.
  4. Enters data relating to permits and licences according to the established procedure, keeps an up-to-date list of all permits in effect (construction, plumbing, etc.) and ensures the accuracy of the data.

Other requirements


  • Spoken and written bilingualism (English and French);
  • Windows software (Word, Excel, etc.).

Abilities and Skills

  • Positive approach to customer service;
  • Interpersonal skills and diplomacy;
  • Autonomy and excellent organizational skills;
  • Communication skills;
  • Ability to interact with various types of clients;
  • Ability to adapt.

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