Technician – Underground Electrical Distribution Network

Competition #: 2092-2024C
Salary scale: 11 ($36.57 to $48.76)
Deadline: 11 June, 2024

Purpose of position

The work consists of carrying out various technical tasks related to the design and development of projects in the following fields: construction or modification of utilities and services (particularly manholes, bases for lighting and traffic lights and duct banks) and modification of various structures.


  • The job requires a diploma of specialized technical college studies (DEC) in the appropriate sector and profile, or the equivalent;
  • Holds the ASP Construction card;
  • A valid driver’s license.


  • The job requires two (2) to less than three (3) years of experience in urban infrastructure.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Takes or monitors the taking of samples of soil, bedrock, aggregate, concrete, steel, wood and any other material used in the construction of infrastructure; have them assessed for quality and ensure follow-up by the external laboratory;
  2. Ensures compliance with specifications, technical and safety standards on worksites;
  3. Conducts research in various files, notebooks and notes; consults existing plans; consults official cadastres, street reference maps supplied by City surveyors and other documents or files required for his/her work;
  4. Controls work or projects carried out under management or contract by public utilities; ensures that they are carried out in accordance with approved plans, specifications, clauses in tender documents, regulations, etc.; coordinates work supervision, as needed.
  5. Uses a variety of office equipment, as needed, to perform certain job-related tasks, using appropriate programming;
  6. Prepares plans, specifications and estimates required for projects.

Job Profile

Essential Knowledge

  • Of computer-aided design software (AutoCad);
  • Of soils, their properties, and characteristics;
  • Of roads;
  • Of concrete frames;
  • Of construction machinery and tools.

Abilities and Skill

  • To use tools and instruments specific to the employment field;
  • To perform complex calculations;
  • To prepare, read and interpret plans, specifications, and tender documents;
  • To make cost estimates;
  • To apply codes and regulations specific to the field of employment;
  • To demonstrate tact and courtesy;
  • To coordinate and supervise the work of employees;
  • To carry out analysis work;
  • To consult reference documents in English.


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