Competition #: 2038 - 2020 A
Salary scale: $ 31.88 to $ 42.51
Deadline: 17 March, 2020

Purpose of position

The job consists of carrying out various technical tasks relating to the maintenance, design, and development of various cons¬truction and renovation projects that involve water and sewer mains and other related work, as well as work related to drinking and waste water treatment systems.


  •  Diploma of collegial studies in an appropriate field and course of study;
  •  Valid (OPA) certificate conforming to the appropriate laws.


  •  Two (2) years of work experience in a position that enabled the incumbent to become familiar with the field.


  1. Performing the compilations, surveys, and studies required for the design or the preparation of construction, modification or maintenance projects relating to the water and sewage networks, water reservoirs construction projects; as well as producing reports with the appropriate findings and recommendations.
  2. Developing project plans, estimates, and specifications from either data or observations gathered by the technician or that are supplied by the engineers, in consultation with the proper professionals.
  3. Preparing the preliminary project costs, and detailed estimates as the work advances; preparing documents needed to obtain credits, tender submissions, etc.
  4. Planning or participating in the planning of work sites by carrying out critical path analysis or other studies while considering the required permits, the availability of equipment, work site condi­tions, the availability of labour, machinery and tools, etc.
  5. Carrying out research, studies, and investigations with respect to the loca­tion, working and operating conditions of water and sewer networks; water leaks; the location of drainage basins; runoff conditions; the degree of contamination; the extent of sewer overflow and backups; special connections; property damage claims resulting from water and sewer pipe overflows or breakages, etc.

Excellent knowledge of:

  • Principles of structural design for water and sewage networks;
  • Drawing principles and techniques;
  • Components of water conduits (pipes, valves, faucets, etc.).

Good knowledge of:

  • Principles of construction work site safety;
  • General and applied mathematics;
  • Languages French and English (oral and written).

Abilities and skills:

  • Preparing and interpreting plans;
  • Performing survey work;
  • Making complex calculations;
  • Applying technical standards and instructions;
  • Working as a team.

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