Special Projects Coordinator – Contractual Position 3 years

Competition #: 1057-2019A
Salary scale: $93,261 to $116,577
Deadline: 26 October, 2019

Purpose of position

Reporting to the Director General, the Project Coordinator is responsible for the implementation of various special and strategic projects according to the needs of the City and users specified in the Capital Works Programme. He or she coordinates multidisciplinary teams while managing projects, as well as their scope, schedule, budget, risks and related activities until they are completed. He or she will be required to work in collaboration with various departments of the City and will also be required to actively collaborate with the Director of Engineering to coordinate with the other projects in the City. The following are examples of projects that the incumbent of the position will be asked to coordinate: construction of an indoor aquatic complex, redevelopment of an area in the City, development of a new synthetic soccer field, redevelopment of Westmount Park, noise barrier, a project to provide a single contact point for residents to obtain various permits. The incumbent of the position will have to initiate calls for tenders and coordinate subcontractors to carry out the various studies and planning stages required (needs and feasibility studies, PFT, professional services, construction).


  • Bachelor’s degree relevant to the position, such as engineering or urban planning
  • Hold the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI)


  • A minimum of seven (7) years of experience allowing the incumbent to acquaint him or herself with the responsibilities of the position, such as:
  • Management of activities related to the field of expertise; Matrix management; Contract management; Drafting of calls for tenders


  1. Determine, in collaboration with his/her supervisor, the orientations, strategies and priorities of the various projects;
  2. Analyze the business requirements of each project by identifying and defining the needs, and guide participants towards the best appropriate solutions, taking into account budgetary realities and timelines;
  3. Plan, organize, coordinate and control the implementation of various projects, through different activities such as engineering, purchasing, communication, etc.;
  4. Plan, prepare and keep up to date the implementation schedules, project plans, processes to be identified, completion steps and expected results, by matrix management;
  5. Ensure that communications with Council, the Director General’s Office, external firms, users, etc. are compliant, relevant and up-to-date;
  6. Participate in the preparation of pre-project studies as well as functional and technical programs in order to specify the scope, the quality, the costs, and the timelines;

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