Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer

Competition #: 702020-2016A
Salary scale: 9 ($44, 730 to $58,706 – 2013 rate)

Deadline: 12 February, 2016

Purpose of position

The work consists of developing strategies for all municipal departments regarding the posting of Web and various social media advertisements, notices, and campaigns to attain the established objectives and provide residents with quality information.
Within this context, the incumbent is responsible for creating and maintaining a social media presence, the management and follow-up of residents’ requests, as well as all Web campaigns. The incumbent must also draft internal and external texts in a style that is appropriate for municipal administration, elected municipal officials, and municipal departments. In addition, must design and implement various technical and artistic work in the graphic arts.


  • Diploma of Collegial Studies (DCS) in arts, literature, and communication or in media (communications), or any other area relevant to this field of employment.


  • Two (2) years of experience that enabled the incumbent to become familiar with the responsibilities of the position.

Main responsabilities

  1. Assuming responsibility for creating and maintaining a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), ensuring follow-up of residents’ requests, and maintaining social media terms of use in accordance with current policies;
  2. Managing several pages set up on various social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), and establishing a schedule for posting content;
  3. Designing and implementing functionally and aesthetically, from sketches, notes or verbal explanations, design projects and maquettes for mounting for print publications;
  4. Writing and translationg communications intended for social media in both languages and ensuring data accuracy.

Other requirements:

  • Both languages (French, English);
  • Job-related office tools on Windows and/or OS;
  • Creation of Web, intranet, or other sites;
  • Media communication techniques;
  • Basic Web integration.
Abilities and skills
  • Producing texts pertaining to communications;
  • Coordinating the logistics of planning, posting, and presenting various communication activities;
  • Maintaining interpersonal relations;
  • Sound judgment;
  • Communicating in both languages (French, English);
  • Working in a team;
  • Autonomy and conscientiousness;
  • Advising and helping managers.

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