Senior Technician – Taxation, Collection and Customer Service

Competition #: 2087-2023A
Salary scale: 11 ($ 33.41 - $ 44.55 salary scale 2022)
Deadline: 21 July, 2023

Purpose of position

The work consists of coordinating and supervising the operational activities of the taxation, collection and customer service, such as billing activities, cash receipts, resident and customer requests, the production of reports related to the financial activities of his or her field of expertise, and the follow-up of customer complaints. It also consists in ensuring the control of the current operations and the various stages of the treatment of the files which result from it.

In addition, the incumbent must respond to complex requests related to his or her field of activity and ensure that employees have the necessary training to provide quality service to citizens.


  • The position requires superior knowledge, at the college level, by obtaining a university certificate or equivalent in Accounting, Finance or any other field relevant to the position.


  • The position requires two (2) years to less than three (3) years of experience.

Main Responsabilities

  1. Coordinate and monitor the operational activities of the taxation, collection, and customer service and ensure that the work performed meets the objectives.
  2. Prepare, conduct and verify data for updates, amendments or new data related to adjustments to all municipal taxes and interest on refunds and foreign exchange from assessment certificates and other documents for billing, property taxes, duties on transfers.
  3. Record the financial transactions in the City’s accounting records and ensure that the books under his or her responsibility are kept up to date and that all information is accurate.
  4. Receive, process, and analyze the certificates received, interpret the related laws, and extract the relevant articles for the preparation of the file.
  5. Prepare and oversee the preparation of financial, statistical, or information reports, such as periodic financial statements, revenue reports, disbursement reports, etc., and the assembly of necessary statistical data; establish periodic audit balances of the statement of collections summaries and maintain various control accounts; conciliate computerized reports and bank accounts; prepare routine journal entries.
  6. Analyze and adjust accounts receivable, obtain all supporting documents, and ensure their recording.

Essential Knowledge

  • French and English, spoken and written;
  • Municipal administration;
  • Computer software relevant to the position;
  • Processes and tools associated with taxation, collection, and customer service.

Abilities and Skill

  • Manage the unit’s activities;
  • Sponsor employees;
  • Assign files according to priorities;
  • Provide quality customer service;
  • Demonstrate strong leadership;
  • Demonstrate creativity and initiative to satisfy customers;
  • Analysis and research;
  • Demonstrate initiative and judgment;
  • Write clear and concise reports.

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