Public Consultation and Communication Manager – 36 months

Competition #: 4014 – 2019 A
Salary scale: $ 68 810 to $ 103 976
Deadline: 20 August, 2019

Purpose of position

Reporting to the Director of the Urban Planning Department, the incumbent must plan activities related to his or her field of expertise such as: public consultation, citizen participation and communications. In this context, he or she must coordinate the implementation of programmes and activities according to organizational orientations and policies.
As such, he or she must manage public consultation, citizen participation and awareness projects, ensure the quality of public participation and consultation processes and ensure the optimal use of municipal and external resources.


  •  Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, Communications, Urban Planning, or other related field.


  • Minimum of four (4) years of experience relevant to the position, allowing the incumbent to be acquainted with the responsibilities of the position and to demonstrate achievements in the following specific areas:
  • - The organization and coordination of public consultations and/or citizen participation activities;
  • - The development and implementation of information and participation strategies for citizens;
  • - The drafting of communication and awareness documents;
  • - The use of a wide variety of media tools (electronic/social/traditional).


  1. Develop, coordinate and implement strategies to inform and raise awareness of concerned parties on the issues and challenges affecting urban planning missions;
  2. Guide and direct the department’s management on all matters relating to public participation such as: methods, choice of processes, organization and communication strategies;
  3. Coordinate the organization’s public consultation and citizen participation activities concerning the various projects and provide consulting expertise in this area;
  4. Act as coordinator and main liaison between the Urban Planning Department and the consultant responsible for developing and implementing the public participation strategy as part of the review of the Planning Programme.



  • Of appropriate sectors of activity (municipal, urban planning);
  • Of regulations appropriate to his or her field of expertise;
  • Of urban planning public consultation processes;
  • Proficiency in spoken and written French;
  • Proficiency in English (asset);
  • Office tools related to the job.

Abilities and skills:

  • Coordination of logistics related to public consultation, dissemination or presentation of communication activities; drafting of texts related to communications; results-oriented;
  • Public communication skills;
  • Strong analytical and synthesis skills; strong sense of leadership; autonomy and rigour; give advice and assistance to managers; maintaining interpersonal relationships.


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