Payroll and Benefits Administration Agent

Competition #: 2005 – 2023 A
Salary scale: 9 - $ 29.80 to $ 39.73 (salary scale 2022)
Deadline: 4 April, 2023

Purpose of position

The work consists of performing various tasks of a technical and administrative nature relating to City employee remuneration and benefits as well as pension plans. It also consists of monitoring day-to-day operations and performing the various steps involved in working on the files that result from these operations. In addition, the incumbent acts as resource person for employees and various internal and external contacts regarding files pertaining to his or her duties. Finally, the incumbent ensures that deadlines are met and performs administrative follow up and control of the files under his or her responsibility.


  • Hold a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) in the field of activity.


  • Two (2) years of relevant experience allowing the candidate to become familiar with and put into practice knowledge of his or her area of expertise.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Performs the operational and administrative tasks required for payroll in all employee categories and for pension payments; makes appropriate adjustments, as needed;
  2. Performs and controls day-to-day operations and the steps required to process files relating to attendance, benefits, workplace injuries, preventive withdrawal, prior service buyback, pension indexation, various allowances, premiums, pension benefits, etc.;
  3. Performs and verifies calculations related to the processing of various accounts payable and the controlling of mandatory remittances, such as: issuing tax slips, union dues, the pension fund, insurance, wage garnishment, child or spousal support, etc., as well as optional deductions (donations, savings bonds, mortgage payments) and cost follow-up for employees who have suffered a workplace injury;
  4. Performs and ensures parameter input as well as the accuracy of calculations associated with various staff movements (promotions, transfers, assignments, retirements, deaths, terminations, pension reviews) and other payments including lump sum and retroactive payments, payments following grievances, and interest payments, etc.;
  5. Analyzes, validates, and reconciles various data, computerized lists, CSST decisions, monetary transactions, files, and other reports relating to employee remuneration and ancillary benefits. Makes the necessary corrections.


  • Accreditation from the Canadian Payroll Association and title of Payroll Compliance Practitioner (P.C.P).

Other requirements

Knowledge of

  • written and spoken French and English;
  • methods and procedures relating to payroll and pension calculations;
  • collective agreement clauses with a monetary impact and retirement plans;
  • data coding and computing requirements;
  • guidelines relating to payment arrangements.

Abilities and skills

  • analyzing data;
  • dealing with clients;
  • organizing workload according to deadlines;
  • performing accurate calculations;
  • applying collective agreement clauses and pension fund regulations;
  • demonstrating initiative, good judgment, tact, and courtesy; and
  • writing correspondence and preparing detailed reports.

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