Operation and Maintenance Superintendant – Electrical Network

Competition #: 1039 – 2020 A
Salary scale: 8 - $ 73,815 – $ 92,269
Deadline: 13 November, 2020

Purpose of position

Reporting to the Assistant Director, the incumbent manages the operational activities of the unit in charge of the operation and exploitation of the electrical distribution network and of the maintenance of the equipment of the substations of the said network, as well as of the operational strategy with regard to the changes of the various meters.
In this context, he must continuously monitor the operation and exploitation of the network, coordinate the management of network loads, the execution of load transfer maneuvers required in case of overloading, and establish rigorous maintenance programs to ensure continuity of service. Furthermore, he oversees the operation of the storage area at the Glen site and ensures an adequate process for the disposal of contaminated products.


  • Specialized college diploma (DEC), i.e. Electronics Engineering Technology.
  • Hold the license of the Ordre des techniciens professionnels (T.P).


  • A minimum of five (5) years of experience, including two (3) years in team management and coordination allowing the incumbent to become familiar with the responsibilities of the position, such as: - Activities related to the field of operation and exploitation of the electrical distribution network; - Maintenance of equipment at the substations of the electrical distribution network.



  1. Manage the human, financial, material, and informational resources of the employees under his responsibility, in accordance with existing rules and policies, as well as the collective agreement in effect. Ensure the training of his staff;
  2. Plan, organize, direct, and monitor activities related to the operation and exploitation of the electrical distribution network and to the maintenance of the equipment of the substations of said network;
  3. Ensure that employees under his responsibility work in a safe environment with the appropriate tools and equipment;
  4. Ensure the proper operation of facilities and of the maintenance in substations (secondary stations) and be available to respond to emergency situations;
  5. Continuously monitor daily operations, apply monitoring procedures for cables, fuses, transformers, and protective equipment and update them;
  6. Be responsible for the inventory of the various meters, the purchase, the repairs, and the supervision of the whole process of changing them;
  7. Establish an operational strategy to effectively change meters across the city;
  8. Ensure that operational procedures required in the performance of the work are followed to restore power quickly and safely in the event of a power outage and inform employees of any changes;




  • Technical knowledge related to the position;
  • Specialized software in the field of electrical and distribution network management;
  • Both French and English, verbal and writing.

Abilities and aptitudes:

  • Personnel management;
  • Team working;
  • Act as a consultant in his field of activity;
  • Prepare reports;
  • Good judgment;
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving;
  • Analytical and synthesis skills;
  • Communication in both languages (French and English).
  • Interpersonal relations;

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