Measurement – Maintenance Technician

Competition #: 3035 – 2021A
Salary scale: Gr. 19 ($37.04/h)
Deadline: 20 February, 2021

Purpose of position

The Definition of the term “measuring instrumentation” includes: voltage and current transformers, meters, indicators, recording and/or control devices, test terminal boxes, wiring, and all other devices used exclusively by Hydro Westmount for the purposes of billing, studies, or managing clients.
In this context, one of the work’s components involves measuring and performing maintenance on substation equipment. The incumbent must install, uninstall, and replace measuring instrumentation of all types, in accordance with the prescribed work methods and approved safety measures using the required standard equipment and tools. In addition, the incumbent must perform maintenance on substation equipment (circuit breakers, transformers, relays, measuring instrumentation, and other substation equipment), comply with maintenance methods and standards, and be able to read facility schematics, drawings, and sketches.


1. Installing, removing, or replacing metering devices with or without power, according to a pre-established procedure.

2. Visually ensuring compliance of client facilities with low- and medium-voltage power supply standards, reporting any anomalies, and completing or issuing the required forms with drawings;

3. Foreseeing the metering equipment needed, and as applicable, planning when power will be shut down; obtaining customer authorization, and ensuring that measuring equipment replacement timelines respect government regulations;

4. Taking measurements (including measurements of the residents' electric meters in their homes, on a regular basis and according to planning) and, using the appropriate devices and following the methods established to work on circuits with power on or off, determining the phase rotation sequence, amperage, voltage, insulation, and the presence of a constant current throughout the secondary wiring of the measuring circuit, and ensuring the proper alignment of conductors;

5. Checking the devices and equipment involved in service start-up, standardized routine inspections, repairs, and outages to detect, record, calculate, interpret, and analyze data, as applicable, to assess operation based on specified and standardized criteria to determine the causes of improper operation to protect existing power supply circuits (inspecting the operation of their mechanisms and protection control, supply, and monitoring circuits, and assessing the state of their components).


  • Diploma of Collegial Studies, in electronics or electricity
  • Class C construction electrician license would be an asset
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Advanced knowledge of oral and written French and English


  • One (1) year of experience in a position that enabled the incumbent to become familiar with the field

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