Competition #: 3027 – 2023D
Salary scale: Group 17 - $40.59
Deadline: 18 September, 2023

Purpose of position

The work consists of the installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of various electrical equipment and systems used for lighting and public electrical distribution.  Furthermore, the incumbent must attend to the maintenance of the electrical distribution infrastructure and the electrical installations of the related devices.

The work is carried out under general supervision in the form of verbal or written instructions, plans or diagrams.  In accordance with the rules of the trade, the incumbent performs various tasks with a view to supplying the municipal equipment as well as the public roadways.  He must be able to locate and repair the defects affecting the efficiency of these areas.  He must also ensure the efficiency of the installations, the apparatus and the electrical and electromechanical equipment by performing maintenance work and necessary repairs.  A supervisor verifies the work.


  • Hold a valid electrician’s certificate issued by the “Direction générale de la main d’oeuvre”.
  • Hold a valid class 3 driver’s license required to fill the position.


  • Experience as an electrician or in a position that allowed the employee to familiarize himself with the work of an electrician.

Examples of tasks accomplished

  • Installs, maintains, dismantles, and repairs various electrical lighting systems and equipment; makes electrical entries of all voltages and amperages in buildings and public ways; makes connections for electrical entries, distribution panels, switches in buildings, parks, parking lots, and public ways;
  • Maintains, installs, removes and replaces parts, miscellaneous structures and street furniture signs;
  • Maintains, modifies and repairs street furniture and facilities; installs and modifies locations and removes various structures such as poles, street lights, traffic signals and decorative furniture;
  • Installs, repairs or replaces transformers, relays, circuit breakers, distribution boxes, photocells, street light globes and others, which are part of the lighting system for streets, parks, tunnels and public buildings;
  • Drives ladder truck and aerial bucket, crane, auger and operates auxiliary equipment as required.

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