Electrician – Building

Competition #: 3004 – 2018A
Salary scale: 16 (34.16$)
Deadline: 25 August, 2018

Purpose of position

Tasks involving the installation, maintenance, and repair of various electrical equipment and wiring.

The work is carried out under general supervision. The employee receives it in the form of oral or written instructions, plans, or schematics. He or she is required to perform, in accordance with industry best practices, various tasks to provide pools, skating rinks, recreation centres, outdoor theatres, arenas, factories, buildings, and other municipal facilities with appropriate electrical conduits and equipment as needed. He or she must be able to locate and repair any malfunction affecting electrical circuits in these locations. He or she also has to ensure the proper functioning of electrical facilities, equipment, and accessories, by carrying out the necessary maintenance and repair operations. A superior will check his or her work.


  • Must have a valid qualification certificate as an electrician, issued by the Manpower Branch.
  • Hold a valid driver's license


  • Must have 31 to 36 months of pertinent experience as an electrician.

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