Drafting and Survey Technical Officer

Competition #: 2075 – 2018 A
Salary scale: $ 30.35 to $ 40.46
Deadline: 22 June, 2018

Purpose of position

The work consists of performing various technical tasks relating to the implementation, design, and development of projects in one or several of the following fields: roadways – construction of streets and alleys – construction and modification of public utilities and services – development of plans and profiles for streets, alleys, and public squares, as well as lines and levels for measured drawing purposes.
It also consists of designing and drawing plans according to applicable standards, based on sketches, provided notes, onsite measurements with all required specifications to facilitate the manufacturing, installation, repair, and modification of facilities, infrastructure, devices, and equipment.


  •  Diploma of College Studies (DCS), specialized in a relevant sector and profile.
  •  ASP Construction card is an asset.


  •  Two years of relevant experience in the field of drawing and land surveying, as well as the maintenance and use of municipal data.
  •  On-site supervision experience is an asset.


  1. Keeping the infrastructure databases (e.g. Agglomeration of Montreal) up to date and managing plan classification; responding to information requests concerning plans and maps made or to be made using a Geographic Information System (GIS);
  2. Participating in the design and drafting of plans and estimates for calls for tenders, in research and technical trials, and drafting recommendation reports;
  3. Performing various topographical surveys and measuring tasks to prepare and review plans showing streets, alleys, public squares, parks, water courses, rights of way, rectangular coordinate axes, survey points, public utilities, etc., and identifying structural deformations;
  4. Preparing layouts and profiles using notes collected in the field and calculating distances, angles, elevations, surfaces, volumes, rectangular coordinates, etc;
  5. Verifying the dimensions, geometrical shapes, and position of reinforced concrete and steel structures, and monitoring the unloading and installation of the concrete.

Good knowledge of:

  • Computers and software used in the field of geomatics (tools, Desktop, Autocad, Arcgio, ESRI geomatic platform, etc.);
  • Drawing techniques, and graphical representation instruments and principles;
  • Geometry and land surveying concepts;
  • Common conventional symbols and signs;
  • Various ground survey and archive document processes;
  • Roadways, soils, aggregates, types of concrete, as well as concrete properties and features.

Abilities and skills:

  • Using measuring and drawing instruments and tools;
  • Performing complex calculations
  • Researching in specialized publications;
  • Drafting, reading, and interpreting plans, estimates, and project specifications;
  • Estimating costs;
  • Implementing codes and regulations specific to the field of employment;
  • Demonstrating tact and courtesy;
  • Conducting analyses; Working with precision.

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