Drafting and Analysis Clerk

Competition #: 2083 – 2021 A
Salary scale: 10 - $ 30,76 to $ 41,01
Deadline: 24 May, 2021

Purpose of position

Reporting to the Assistant Director, the incumbent provides administrative and operational support to the committees and commissions for which the Urban Planning Department is responsible (UPAC, LHC, etc.), by analyzing administrative and technical files, drafting minutes and resolutions, preparing public notices, agendas and explanatory notes concerning the files handled. In addition, he provides administrative and operational support in regulatory drafting.


  • Hold a Diploma of Collegial Studies in Paralegal Technology or any other relevant discipline.


  • Two (2) years of experience in a job that allowed you to become familiar with the field of employment, preferably in a municipal environment.

Main Responsabilities

  1. Analyzes administrative or technical files before they are presented to decision-making bodies and obtains, if necessary, additional comments, reports or opinions to supplement them; brings to his or her immediate superior or the person responsible for the file, any discrepancies found in the comments and directives received from the different services ;
  2. Obtains from appropriate sources additional relevant information useful for a proper understanding of the files and synthesizes the information gathered and identifies the administrative, legal and financial implications ;
  3. Drafts minutes of resolutions of meetings of the Planning Advisory Committee, the local heritage council or any other committee or commission; prepares the layout of the agenda and carries out the necessary follow-up following these meetings with the legal services or the persons responsible for the file ;
  4. Prepare draft by-laws; maintain the by-law books, by-law files, by-law consolidation, and a chronological and alphabetical listing of the by-laws; and ensure their posting on the City’s website ;
  5. Participate in the preparation of draft public notices and ensure that they are posted, published and distributed on the City’s web site ;
  6. Attend various meetings such as public consultation sessions, public information evenings, etc.

Job Profile

Knowledge of:

  • Both languages (fluency in French and English) spoken and written ;
  • Microsoft Office ;
  • Scope and activities of the municipal services ;
  • Directives and documents of an administrative nature that may affect the content of files under its jurisdiction ;
  • Translation tools ;
  • Methods of analysis and research.

Abilities and skills:

  • Be tactful and courteous ;
  • Show initiative and decisiveness ;
  • Perform analytical, research and synthesis work ;
  • Write clear and concise reports ;
  • Communication, both in writing and verbally.

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