Division Chief – Customer Service

Competition #: 1055 – 2019 A
Salary scale: $ 72 015 to $ 90 019
Deadline: 13 September, 2019

Purpose of position

Reporting to the Assistant Director of Hydro Westmount, the incumbent manages, coordinates and supervises the operational activities of the Customer Service Division.
In this context, he or she must plan, organize, direct and control all operations related to customer service, billing and payment of invoices issued by Hydro Westmount. He or she must ensure the application of the various electricity tariffs and service fees. He or she must also oversee the management of activities related to the collection of overdue electricity accounts in order to minimize debts. He or she must also respond to complex customer requests and complaints related to his or her field of activity.
He or she also prepares the unit's annual budget, ensures its application, controls costs and recommends effective solutions. He or she manages the human, financial, material and information resources of his or her unit.


  • Specialized college diploma (DEC) relevant to the position such as administration, accounting and management technique, etc.
  • Completion of at least ten (10) management courses.
  • Asset: Bachelor's degree relevant to the position, such as accounting, administration, etc.


  • A minimum of five (5) years of experience, preferably three (3) years in management and supervision in a unionized environment, allowing the incumbent to acquaint him or herself with the responsibilities of the position, such as :
  • - Customer service team management; - Invoicing and collection; - Administration of operational activities related to the position.


  1. Manage and verify the consolidation of reports and data related to the sale of electricity and services and analyzes various accounting documents such as accounts, invoices, requisitions, journal entries, payments, etc.
  2. Participate in the updating of Hydro Westmount’s by-laws such as; conditions of service and electricity rates, develop procedures and policies to provide customers with quality service, provide information to employees and ensure their application;
  3. Ensure that the billing process of City residents is done on a regular basis and according to the schedule;
  4. Respond to complex and contentious requests from citizens and internal stakeholders, analyze these requests and propose appropriate solutions while providing training to the Division’s employees;
  5. Oversee the management of service and information requests, the information transmitted, including complaints and activities related to the collection of overdue electricity bills and the implementation of tools adjusted to the need;



  • Of the use of Windows computer software (Word, Excel, Project Manager, etc.) and accounting systems;
  • Of the basic concepts related to invoicing, collection and accounting;
  • Of both French and English, verbal and in writing.

Abilities and aptitudes:

  • Personnel management; Work in a team; Interpersonal relationships;
  • Coordinate various activities; Develop and draft work standards and procedures;
  • Good judgment; Analytical and synthesis skills
  • Learn computerized tools rapidly;
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving;
  • Communicating in both English and French.

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