Director of Urban Planning

Competition #: 2020-1006A
Salary scale: 3 ($113,574 - $141,967)
Deadline: 24 July, 2020

Purpose of position

A team at the heart of municipal life

The City of Westmount stands out for its green spaces, the beauty of its architectural heritage, its liveliness, and its sense of community. The City's employees work in a stimulating environment and benefit from advantageous working conditions in order to develop professionally and provide residents and visitors with high quality services.

Composed of a dedicated and highly qualified team at the service of citizens and the community, the Urban Planning Department is one of the pillars of the municipal administration in Westmount. Management and the promotion of the territory, the protection of the environment and of the heritage, and the promotion of the City's economic development are at the heart of its mission.

Focused on looking towards the future, Westmount's Urban Planning Department is currently reviewing its Planning Program which will allow, among other things, the continued preservation of the City's distinctive character and the implementation of initiatives promoting sustainable mobility.

Reporting to the Director General, the Director of Urban Planning manages a department composed of approximately 20 employees, including one (1) manager, two (2) professionals, as well as a multidisciplinary team working in the fields of urban planning, permits, and inspections.

The Director plans, coordinates, leads and controls activities aimed at promoting and supporting the development of the City's territory by allowing the realization of development projects while maintaining effective control and management in compliance with the regulatory framework.


  • • Bachelor's Degree appropriate to the position such as: Urban Planning or Architecture
  • • Be a member in good standing of the Ordre des urbanistes du Québec or the Ordre des architectes du Québec
  • • Master's Degree in Management or in a field related to the area of expertise (Asset)


  • • A minimum of ten (10) years of experience including five (5) years in a management position allowing the incumbent to become familiar with the responsibilities of the position, such as:  Sector of activities related to urban development;  Construction or occupancy, modification and demolition projects.
  • • Experience in the municipal sector (Asset)

Main Responsibilities


  • Define, in conjunction with the Director General and local elected officials, the strategic orientations concerning the City’s development areas and priorities;
  • Supervise the implementation of the planning programme and other programs affecting the territory of the City;
  • Oversee the evaluation of special construction or occupancy projects requiring special permissions, as to their conformity with municipal development orientations, and ensure that the required authorizations are obtained;
  • Develop and see to the preparation of studies and projects to be presented to the Municipal Council in these matters and give advice and counsel to the elected officials and to the Planning Advisory Committee;
  • Ensure the issuance of buildings construction, modification, and demolition permits as well as commercial or other certificates of occupation for premises and land, in compliance with the by-laws and codes in effect;
  • Ensure an efficient service in terms of permit issuance and inspections.

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