Assistant Superintendent – Parks and Roadways

Competition #: 1028 – 2024A
Salary scale: 9 - $ 73 813 to $ 92 267 (salary scale 2023)
Deadline: 10 May, 2024

Purpose of position

Work Schedule
• 36 hours from Friday to Sunday, 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m;
• Ensure availability outside regular working hours on a rotating basis.

Under the responsibility of the Superintendent of Parks and Roadways, the incumbent manages road infrastructure work activities, such as: repair of roadways, sidewalks, manholes, catch basins, and road signs, maintenance and repair of the water and wastewater systems, cleaning of public roadways, as well as the removal of snow and waste.

Within this context, the incumbent must plan, organize, and control activities related to the operations and installations on roadways and in parks. The incumbent must ensure that the work is done, the materials and equipment inventories are updated, and written safety procedures are in place and followed by the employees.

In addition, the incumbent must supervise contractors and participate with his or her superior in carrying out different special projects by providing the required expertise in terms of the operations and maintenance of municipal infrastructure.

The incumbent must also manage the unit’s human, financial, and material resources.


  • Diploma of College Studies (DCS) in a relevant field, ACS – Urban Infrastructure Foreman;
  • Completion of at least ten (10) management courses will be considered an asset;
  • Valid driver’s licence (class 5);
  • Valid worksite safety card (ASP).


  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience, including at least two (2) years in team management or coordination that allowed the incumbent to become familiar with the responsibilities of the position.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Managing the human, financial, and material resources in accordance with the rules, standards, by-laws, regulations, and collective agreements in force. Ensuring the training of the unit’s staff and preparing the administrative reports required as part of management duties;
  2. Ensuring that employees under his or her authority work in a safe environment with appropriate tools and equipment;
  3. Planning, organizing, managing, and monitoring activities related to road infrastructure work, maintenance, roadways, parks, playgrounds, skating rinks, and green spaces;
  4. Ensuring the proper functioning of operations and the execution of maintenance and repair work to municipal infrastructure by monitoring personnel under his or her jurisdiction;
  5. Ensuring the execution of minor repair work to equipment, buildings, and premises in parks and playgrounds, and at playing fields;
  6. Participating in planning and monitoring abrasive spreading work, snow clearing and removal, leaf collection, and City tree maintenance;
  7. Supervising contractors and ensuring the compliance and quality of their work.

Knowledge of

  • The basics of public works operations;
  • Windows software programs (Word, Excel, MS Project, etc.);
  • English and French (spoken and written).