Assistant Superintendent – Fleet and Mechanical Workshop

Competition #: 1026 – 2022 A
Salary scale: 9 - $ 69 074 to $ 86 344
Deadline: 8 April, 2022

Purpose of position

Under the responsibility of the Mechanical Workshop’s Superintendent, the incumbent manages maintenance and repair activities involving the mechanical workshop, the fleet, and the inventory onsite needed for the mechanical workshop. Within this context, the incumbent must plan, organize, and control activities related to daily operations. The incumbent must ensure that the work is done, the materials and equipment inventories are updated, and written safety procedures are in place and followed by the employees. The incumbent must supervise subcontractors and participate with his or her superior in carrying out various special projects by providing the required expertise in terms of operations, maintenance of the facilities, and the shop’s electrical system.

In addition, the incumbent must manage the human, financial, and material resources in compliance with the rules, standards, by-laws, regulations, and collective agreements in force, ensure the training of the unit’s staff and prepare the administrative reports required as part of management duties.


  • Diploma of Collegial Studies, appropriate for the position: mechanical engineering technology or any other relevant sector;
  • Valid driver’s licence (class 5);
  • Valid worksite safety card (ASP);
  • Membership in a professional technologist order an asset.


  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience, including at least two (2) years in management or team coordination that allowed the incumbent to become familiar with the responsibilities of the position;
  • Managing activities related to this field of expertise.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Plans, organizes, directs and controls activities related to the operation and maintenance of the existing mechanical workshop, fleet and inventory for the purposes of the mechanical workshop;
  2. Ensures the proper functioning of operations and the execution of maintenance and repair work in the mechanical shop by monitoring the personnel under his or her authority;
  3. Conducts ongoing follow-up of all repairs, ensures their compliance with rules, current work methods, and CNESST standards;
  4. Collaborates in the preparation of technical requirements and specifications for tenders by attending in consultation meetings with his immediate supervisor and the Department Director;
  5. Helping the City in managing operations to ensure sound management under Bill 430.

Job Profile

Knowledge :

  • work tools;
  • motorized equipment;
  • Windows software programs (Word, Excel, MS Project, etc.);
  • English and French (spoken and written).

Abilities and skills:

  • Managing personnel and working in a team;
  • Acting as a consultant in his or her field of activity;
  • Sound judgement, Analytical mind and ability to summarize;
  • Interpersonal skills;
  • Developing and drafting standards and working methods;
  • Developing and adapting the required work tools;
  • Resolving disputes and problems;
  • Customer service orientation;
  • Communicating in English and French.

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