Assistant Director – Public Works

Competition #: 1059-2023A
Salary scale: 5 ($104 193 to $130 242)
Deadline: 20 November, 2023

Purpose of position

Reporting to the Director of Public Works, the Assistant Director plans, organizes, manages and controls all operational and administrative activities related to the maintenance of public roads and infrastructure, water and wastewater systems, municipal buildings, parks and green spaces, snow removal and vehicle fleet, etc. and the various projects under his/her responsibility.

In this context, he/she manages, in collaboration with the superintendents of the department, any problem related to daily operations, analyze the issues, offer solutions and formulate the appropriate recommendations to be considered in the medium and long term. He/she is responsible for the City's properties, which entails managing related service contracts and repair and maintenance projects. He/she is also responsible of the monitoring and oversight in order to meet the established budgets.

In addition, he/she shall assist the Director in the planning of various works and development projects and in the development of approaches and strategies for the efficient and cost-effective delivery of services. He/she participates in the preparation of the annual operating budget and of the three-year capital works budget (CWP) and manages the human, financial, material and information technology resources. In addition, he/she replaces the Director during any absence, in order to ensure the management and operations of the service.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a field that is relevant to the position or diploma of Collegial Studies in Civil Engineering (DEC).


  • A minimum of seven (7) years of experience in a position related to the field of employment of which four (4) years in a municipal environment and in personnel management.

Main Responsibilities

  1. In collaboration with his/her superior, establish the orientations, strategies and priorities of the department according to the City’s overall objectives and identify the resources required to ensure the completion of the work;
  2. Assist superintendents in the planning, management and execution of operations and projects under their responsibility to establish a strategic management of operations and strengthen the mobilization of teams by encouraging their commitment and rallying them around the same vision;
  3. Meet and discuss with the superintendents of the department of any problem related to daily operations, analyze the issues, propose solutions and formulate the appropriate recommendations to be considered in the medium and long term;
  4. Participate in the preparation of tender documents, specifications and plans for the repair of streets, lanes and sidewalks, the rehabilitation of pipes, the installation of bituminous pavement, the rehabilitation of street cuts, leasing of trucks and heavy machinery, snow removal, etc;
  5. Receive complaints from citizens, analyze requests, documents responses, seeks appropriate solutions and make recommendations.

Job Profile


  • Application of procedures and regulations related to the field of activity;
  • Project management;
  • Process related to the preparation of specifications and requirements for calls for tenders;
  • Microsoft Office suite;
  • Bilingual (English, French) written and oral.

Abilities and aptitudes:

  • Personnel management, conflict resolution and problem solving;
  • Interpersonal relationship skills;
  • Team work;
  • Ability to work under pressure and to get organized according to priorities;
  • Good judgment, analytical mind and ability to summarize;
  • Ability to debate with and convince stakeholders;
  • Coaching;
  • Broad strategic vision;
  • Highly developed leadership skills;
  • Dynamisme and innovation;
  • Communication skills in both languages (English, French).