Assistant Director – Legal Services and City Clerk

Competition #: 1021-2024A
Salary scale: 6 – $95 591 to $119 488
Deadline: 14 February, 2024

Purpose of position

Reporting to Director - Legal Services and City Clerk’s office, the incumbent will assist the City Clerk in activities related to the City’s corporate secretariat.

He or she will provide administrative support and any assistance the City Clerk requires in his or her duties, conduct research, and consult on legal and legislative matters. Under the supervision of the City Clerk, the incumbent will process claims and manage the City’s general insurance portfolio. He or she will help plan and organize elections and referendums.


  • Bachelor’s degree in law.


  • At least five (5) years of experience, with at least two (2) years as legal advisor, in order to be familiar with the responsibilities of the position.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Helps his or her superior exercise duties and provides support for preparing, applying, and monitoring activities that fall under the City’s corporate secretariat;
  2. Steps in to assume responsibility for access to documents and the protection of personal information at the City, pursuant to an Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information (R.S.Q., chapter A-2.1);
  3. Under the authority of the Director – Legal Services and City Clerk’s office, prepares documents for the City Council’s regular and special meetings, General Committee meetings, and other public consultation meetings to ensure document quality and compliance with legislative requirements; ensures the City’s decision-making process is legal, and informs his or her superior of any non-performance or irregularities in this respect;
  4. As needed, prepares preliminary drafts of legal documents, such as contracts, forms, draft by-laws, draft resolutions, and public notices; verifies their legal compliance and submits them to his or her superior for approval before distribution; edits and translates draft by-laws and draft resolutions before they are presented to Council, as well as public notices;
  5. At his or her superior’s request, prepares drafts of legal notices, reports, and confidential correspondence regarding problems and issues that have legal ramifications, analyzing a range of documents, including relevant laws and regulations, and submits them to his or her superior for approval before their distribution.

Qualification profile

Knowledge of

  • both languages (French, English) spoken and written;
  • the various municipal laws;
  • the application of procedures and regulations related to the field of activity;
  • the rules of writing and translation.

Abilities and skills

  • To coordinate various files;
  • To resolve conflicts and problems;
  • Acting as a consultant in their area of expertise;
  • Analytical and synthesis skills;
  • Interpersonal skills;
  • Drafting legal documents.

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